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I Am The Girl Anachronism
It's Just The Way The Medication Makes Her
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15th-Aug-2008 05:23 pm - Hiii - dee Hii campers!

Congrats to everyone who got the results they needed, and if you didn't, don't worry, you have the rest of your life ahead of you! It's not the end of the world!

The 17th August holds a very special event which will signify the re-birth of everyone's favourite Drag/Burlesque Artiste.

Yes, This Sunday is York Gay Pride, which Helga will be hosting the entirety of. *beams* only now, he's blonde!

Also, at Tru Nightclub (which is the nightclub I work at) I will be performing a forty minute set for our Pride Party.

The Management and staff are really looking forward to seeing me in my nipple tassles. :D

Monday sees the end of a depression on Newborough Street, Burton Stone Lane....

Libby comes back! 

Although I will be asleep when she gets back because I don't finish til 5 ish Monday morning, but she said she'll come in and wake me up so i can see her then go back to sleep when she goes out with her Aunty Anette and Uncle Steven. 

A week on Tuesday is the next Tru Nightclub Nappy night, and the theme is.... *drumroll please* UV!

woop! I have a neon pink skirt and boob tube perfect for the night.

Catey came to visit the other week, and we had Soooo much fun! I really enjoyed the company. :) 

Hopefully we'll get some more visitors shortly! *hint* 

lots of loves and kisses!



me white



really really not feeling well.

I managed to cry all the way home from taking lib to the station yesterday but by the time i got home I couldn't even cry anymore. I lay in bed all day but only got 40mins sleep because I felt so ill. Went to work last night and we had 60 people (ish) in up until midnight, so Charli sent me home. 60 people is absolutely nothing, that's not even enough to warrant the club being open. I got home after what seemed like the longest taxi ride home ever (probably simply because Libby wasn't there, how pathetic is that?) and threw up. Yes, that's how pathetic I am. I'm throwing up because I miss her that much and it's only been a day. 

I know we both sound pretty pathetic (and after reading lib's entry I'm crying all over again) but the fact of the matter is, even though we should be loving the time apart, it's hell. Time apart for us, is the few hours we don't see eachother at work, a day and a half is like forever. It makes it worse not having my phone, I'm using my old one which never has any signal, so I get a load of messages at once that lib's sent like last night and it's not fair. I want my phone back so badly. 

Waking up alone, in a double bed this morning was hell. I even rolled over to put my head on her stomach like I do and it still took a few minutes to register that she wasn't there....

right I'm going to stop winging cos you really don't want to hear it....

on the plus side, catey's visiting on thursday. :) 


20th-Jul-2008 04:55 pm - the truth lies beyond salvation...

So, we've moved in to our new flat and it's fantastic... really big and it's great to have a living room after spending a month and a half in lib's halls without one. I have painted pictures and stuff for my walls... one of the divine dolly parton and one of lily savage, i also have a big marylin poster and lots of little pictures. 

Tom The Hom came to visit last week for a few days. It was great seeing him, by the time i had left newcastle i thought of him as one of my closest friends, and seen as he's the only one who bothered to keep in touch with me while i've been here (with the exceptions of Amber, Grahame, Catey, and Charly) I thought it'd be really nice to see him. We had fun and bought poundland Peggys (that's like barbie but more plastic) and customised them. He has Porn Star Peggy with inverted breasts, and I have bondage Peggy in a thong and bra.

I love working at Tru Nightclub, even if we are having a bit of a bad patch at the moment due to the scummy Club Salvation opening just down the road. Last night was an OK night though. It's great having lib working with me in the same place too. I thought it might be a bit difficuly working together, living together, sleeping together etc but it's actually not. 
Though, last night was going so well, but then a bouncer from Club Salvation told me to piss off, right in my face... to be fair, i was flyering to Salvation's queue, but a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone! And then I broke my phone (so if anyone would like to get in touch you can't basically) and it's in repairs, and THEN, Woo knocked me over and landed on me, so i think i've like compacted my spine or something... not pleasant. 

So that's that.... up to date on my humdrum life.....

oh apart from the fact that I'm part hosting and performing at York Pride!




20th-Jun-2008 01:33 pm(no subject)
me white
Here you go natalie... 

1. First Name:

2. Age: 19.

3. Location: York, illegally living in Halls *giggle*.

4. Occupation: Crew member of Tru Nightclub York, which I am taking a Bar Management In Late Night Entertainment Course with :).

5. Partner?: yes.

6. Kids: errrrrr..... not that I know of.

7. Brothers/Sisters: Two brothers on my mothers side, connor, 12, who is a shit at times but what can i say, he's twlev, and Kyle, 7, who is adorable. On my Dad's side I have Aaron, 16, Alice, 12, Robert, 9, Andrew, 7. On My step dad's side I have Victoria who is almost 20, Chelsie who is almost 18, and Mark who is 26.

8. Pets: nope.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life: Moving in to the new flat on the 4th, which is terrifying but I'm quite excited about it too. Doing a BA (hons) in Late Night entertainment and Bar Management. Being blonde.

10. School: Tru Nightclub.

11. Parents: Mother sits on her arse smoking dope all day and painting dragons everywhere, my step dad is a joiner and is contracted at the RVI at the moment.

12. Who are some of your closest friends? Holly and Sophie.

13. What are you looking forward to in the next year? Double bed, completing parts of my course, and going to Scotland with lib. .
8th-Jun-2008 10:15 am - wazzup!

Hey hey! 

Have just walked Lib to the station and I am knackered so I thought I'd come to the Library before heading home to bed again. lol. 

Had sun-stroke the other night, which was marvellous.... NOT, but it meant I got to watch BB launch instead of going to work which was nice.

Had an interview for Tru Nightclub the other day, should find out about it tomorrow, which should be good seen as it's my day off. :) 

Natalie, I am glad that you have no got cancer, it's a relief lol. 

Carla, that 'I LOVE NC' top is fab, i want one.

Steph, if I was home on the 19th I would come to your exhibition, but I am home on friday! 

Lorna, I am glad all your exams are over.

George I am glad you like scrambled egg lol and that the breakfast club is on LOL

Lily I hope the job hunting is going well.

See, i can keep up even when I'm in York. *smug*

I am definitely home on friday morning until saturday mid day, so hopefully I'll see some of you???



1st-Jun-2008 06:24 pm(no subject)
me white
 hello all you wonderful geordies of the final fifteen ! Just thought I'd update you on my present status in the beautiful (yet kind of boring) city of York!

So, the Pub I work in is called The Lowther and is a pretty little pub on the river Ooze. It's in the news every year because it floods ridiculously....

It's just a shame that the manager is an absolute wanker. 

Went out last thursday and got absolutely monged. You receive a free 40% shot if you do karaoke at Little John's, so I went up four times. so those shots were on top of two malibu and lemonades and a pineapple sourz and lemonade. safe to say i was rough the next day for work. 

^^ the Little John.... the only gay in the village.

I've bleached my hair. I am officially blonde... and that's more blonde than Lib! :P Haven't got pictures yet but we will be sure to post some shortly!

anyway, very late now, speak soon! x

oh and btw

I will possibly be in newcastle not this friday but next for a night out at bank! be there of be..... (what's the end of that sentence....?) Blair! x
10th-May-2008 09:22 pm - WOW

So I went for an interview in The Lowther in York yesterday, and basically was asked to start Monday....

So.... crazily, I'm moving away tomorrow!


I leave tomorrow night!

I had my last night out on Necwastle Gay Scene as a resident of Tyne and Wear last night, and got absolutely thrashed.

really really bad lol.

but it was mint. 

So anyway, this is my last post as a resident of tyne and wear,

wish me luck!



5th-May-2008 08:24 pm - *le sigh*

So the past week?


Work, work, work, displace scaphoid, bank, annamossity, work work 

then dirty dancing.

I re-placed my scaphoid accidentally by myself the other day. I leant up on my hand and it let out an almighty crack and i thought I'd broken it. However, when I lifted my hand, it didn't hurt anymore! woop!

I stayed at Mark Annamossity's the other night too, that was mint. I hadn't meant to stay, but we stayed up and realised that it was two inthe morning and we were still watching the Madonna DVD, haha. So I cuddled up in bed with him. :) 




went with aaron and tom-the-hom.

We danced like maniacs and cried, and laughed, and shouted and screamed and I enjoyed every second of it!

I will be performing at the next bank holiday (which i think is the end of may) in Bank, for Eurovision. :D
Exciting stuff :D I think I'm supposed to be hosting as terry wogan haha!


Oh and for anyone that wants to read drabble, I have started a fic (original and fan) LJ

My username is chamala_visions


1st-May-2008 08:32 pm - OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!
me white

omg! how fabulous! What's even nicer is that my mother might be joining me! :D 

How mint is this going to be!

An outdoor screening! and preshow entertainment!


ha'waay then, who's coming????



Lib's Birthday was fantastic.  It was a great night for all concerned.
I was very happy to celebrate her second birthday as my partner, this time less secretively.
she has made quite a name for herself on the Scene, and now knows every single Drag Queen.
*is proud* My fabulous Drag WAG.

I have since displaced my scaphoid. :(
Yes, that's what I broke last year when Louise came to the hospital and I ended up in a bright pink cast. 
Well now, it's displaced. Sadly, the Doctors can't do anything about it; it has to correct itself. If it doesn't correct itself within a few weeks, part of it will be removed. It's more likely that they will break my wrist if they tried to reset it than it would be corrected. :(
So I am in tremendous amounts of pain. I am on such strong pain killers that I feel sick and amazing all at once, and keep randomly dropping off to sleep. However, I'll survive.

Last week, I was confronted with the scariest, most upsetting news in my recent life; that I was not to move to York with Libby. 
We sat on the phone for two hours crying. I couldn't believe it, I wanted to die rather than to stay here alone for another year without Lib. I was sick, I shook, I didn't speak to anyone but Lib.
The next day, however, I found out that it was all a big mistake. 
The woman that I had been speaking to on the phone, and had spoken to the girls, was actually only the wife of the man who owns the letting agents, and actually she has nothing to do with the flat. 
I couldn't believe how happy I was. I cried again because I was so happy. :D

Well, tonight I am to have a night in with the girls... well Mark (anna mossity), possibly Melvyn (Frenchy Kiss) and Rob (Mark's drag WAG). I am looking forward to it. It'll keep my mind off missing Lib and we'll have a drink (though I probably shouldn't with my pain killers) and we'll eat chocolate and watch a film. :D *is excited*

On a completely different note......



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