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I Am The Girl Anachronism
It's Just The Way The Medication Makes Her
Freshers are back! woop! which means this week is gonna be… 
16th-Sep-2009 03:58 pm
me white
Freshers are back! woop! which means this week is gonna be AWWEEESOMMMME!

Tonight it's York St John Return foam party......
The first time we had a foam party not so long ago.... it was a joke. The company we had in to do it didn't mat the (marble tiled) floor properly so of course it got unbelievably slippery, and because it was unbelievably slippery a girl slipped and fell face first on to a set of steps, slipped down and hit her head again on the bottom step. ouch. was taken to hospital of course..... let's hope they mat it properly tonight. But hopefully it'll be so rammed that there'll not be any room to fall over! this time last year we had over one thousand three hundred in. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow it's army party..... which means I've got to be up early to decorate the club with all the netting and shiz that was stolen from the barracks lol but after tonight i'll be lucky if i can move!

Saturday however I am coming home! I can't wait cos I miss lib so much when she's not here. It's Billy's surprise 40th Birthday party..... it's a surprise party as opposed to a surprise 40th cos I'm pretty sure he knows he's turning 40 lol and hopefully i'll be able to finalise Miss Rory performing at tru in november.

Holly's girlfriend Becky made a huge run fort he gerbils and brought it on sunday lol it's like half the size of the settee and really tall and they get really sqeaky and exciteable when we put them in it. sailor jerry keeps climbing the chicken wire and trying to naw his way out and captain morgan just sits in the hammock and then it's a task and a half putting them away again cos they just get so exciteable!

I just got a twitter account...... haven't quite worked it out yet but it seems cool.

anyway.... that's enough rambling for today. hope you're all well!

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