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I Am The Girl Anachronism
It's Just The Way The Medication Makes Her
trainee nightclub manager...... ME!?!? 
22nd-Dec-2008 09:06 pm
me white

I guess everyone's back from uni etc now so i assume you'll all have quite a lot of internet connection? :) I personally haven't had the net for a month so I'm well happy to have it back even if it is only for a few more days. I am now a trainee nightclub manager... exciting or what?! would be even better if it was in a club that made ridiculous amounts of money so they could pay me ridiculous amounts of money also lol but it's ok i love the job itself so i'm happy.

I'm still blissfully happy with Libby, you guys have no idea. I know most of you probably thought it was just a fling but we're holding out, in the most amazing way possible. (I have to say thanks to Natalie for the xmas card to both of us, we both got a little emotional at what you'd written :))

I've made my own friends (as opposed to those i knew through Libby) and I'm really happy about that. I do love Holly (who I met through Lib) but I now have my own friends and I'm really pleased. Although Katy lives her life like a soap opera, i think she's mint... even if she does wind libby up by starting texts with "hey sexy, i'm in a hotel room alone"..... she's completely straight lol.

anyway, I hope you're all going to natalie's... I'm well looking forward to it! YAY!

have a good christnas!

loves and kisses

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