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I Am The Girl Anachronism
It's Just The Way The Medication Makes Her
hello peoples! 
28th-Sep-2008 04:21 pm
me white
First of all, I would like to say, good luck to all of you continuing your studies, and to those of you who are starting, just GOOD LUCK!

I just thought I'd post and tell you all what a mint night at work i had last night!

I was flyering in town, trying my damned hardest to get people in the club, and then we got a call from the manager saying that the club down the raod from ours had a huge queue and we had to get down there ASAP so we could flyer their queue. We got there, and yes, Club Salvation (Or Club Desparation, or Club ScallyNation depending on how much you hate it) had the biggest queue i had ever seen. The only reason they ever have a queue is because they force it deliberately. they stop letting people in for twenty minute so they have a queue, then people see there's a queue and start thinking 'oh that's a good place to go' and also queue. I stood at the end of the queue and started shouting the Club Salvation was wank and that they forced a queue, then noticed that they had a sign at the bottom of our road, which said 'WARNING, DISAPPOINTMENT AHEAD' about our club so I decided to get really bad and go into the queue to flyer. Bad practise, i know, but you have to play dirty don't you? So one of their bouncers came right up close to me and put his hands on my shoulers pushing me back and told me not to flyer at their queue so i went off it. A little bit later, the manager and I picked their sign up and ran to Tru.

woop woop!



Next step is to get rid of their banner.


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