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I Am The Girl Anachronism
It's Just The Way The Medication Makes Her
2nd-Sep-2008 04:22 pm
me white
Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still alive.... and kicking.

we have a new manager at work and he's a dick but i think we need it, we're not very stable as a crew.

Me and Lib went to Leeds last Wednesday! That was mint! Spent a small fortune in Primark. Loved it!

OH! and seen as i moved away three episodes in to the last season of battlestar, a lad that Kaylea lives with is (at this moment in time) putting the entirety of the first half on DVD for us and we're going to watch it tonight. :D:D well excited about that!

Aaaaand keiron is going to die in Hollyoaks!!!! :(

anyway that was boring.

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