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I Am The Girl Anachronism
It's Just The Way The Medication Makes Her
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27th-Nov-2009 05:36 pm - sigh
me white
work's been so stressful for me at the moment... I'm a little bored of how shit we are every day other than tuesday when we are UBER-BUSY!

I'm loving Carla's posts at the moment however, looking at her styles on here just makes me happy :) Following in her footsteps I'm gonna do a bit of a fashion wish-list post..... just because there's so much that I REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY want but can't afford and putting them in a wish list will make me feel better lol.

I Desperately want this corset! It's amazing, and designed to pull your waist 10cm in!

i just want this cos it's different :)

anyway... looking forward to christmas and a long deserved break :)

me white
Christmas is.....

The Christmas Lights in Newcastle :)

Santa's Grotto in the Metrocentre

Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks :)

Christmas Cosmetics from Lush (in particular Snow Fairy which is now out!)

Operation Christmas Child.... it always makes me think of St Joseph's :)

Yankee Candle Gingerbread Wax Tart which Lib burns all winter :)


Christmas Cabaret at Bank Bar...

And of course Natalie's house party.....

Anyway, that's what I think of when I think of Christmas.... shoot me i know it's far too early, this is allllll Lush's fault for bringing out Snow Fairy so early!!!!


16th-Sep-2009 03:58 pm(no subject)
me white
Freshers are back! woop! which means this week is gonna be AWWEEESOMMMME!

Tonight it's York St John Return foam party......
The first time we had a foam party not so long ago.... it was a joke. The company we had in to do it didn't mat the (marble tiled) floor properly so of course it got unbelievably slippery, and because it was unbelievably slippery a girl slipped and fell face first on to a set of steps, slipped down and hit her head again on the bottom step. ouch. was taken to hospital of course..... let's hope they mat it properly tonight. But hopefully it'll be so rammed that there'll not be any room to fall over! this time last year we had over one thousand three hundred in. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow it's army party..... which means I've got to be up early to decorate the club with all the netting and shiz that was stolen from the barracks lol but after tonight i'll be lucky if i can move!

Saturday however I am coming home! I can't wait cos I miss lib so much when she's not here. It's Billy's surprise 40th Birthday party..... it's a surprise party as opposed to a surprise 40th cos I'm pretty sure he knows he's turning 40 lol and hopefully i'll be able to finalise Miss Rory performing at tru in november.

Holly's girlfriend Becky made a huge run fort he gerbils and brought it on sunday lol it's like half the size of the settee and really tall and they get really sqeaky and exciteable when we put them in it. sailor jerry keeps climbing the chicken wire and trying to naw his way out and captain morgan just sits in the hammock and then it's a task and a half putting them away again cos they just get so exciteable!

I just got a twitter account...... haven't quite worked it out yet but it seems cool.

anyway.... that's enough rambling for today. hope you're all well!

9th-Sep-2009 05:04 pm - 36 weeks
me and lib beehive
since my last post..... sounds like an introduction in an AA meeting.

Anyway, what's happened.....????

Nowt really, hence the lack of postage. I am now head of marketing and Networking at Tru..... basically means I use facebook all day, talk to local businesses about what we can give them and what they can give us, and book parties.  It's allright, extra £70 a week which is helpful lol.

Hopefully shall be getting a tattoo shortly.... or many lol.

We went to Meadowhall shopping Centre yesterday though which was fun..... I finally got to spend money on clothes that I actually liked! I bought four pairs of shoes, two shirts and a gio-goi t shirt. woopwoop. happy much???

I'm getting a little bored of how dead the club is at the moment.... seriously dead like 15 people through the door on a thursday night isn't good, but two weeks until the students get back, thank the good Lord Dolly Parton! Then we'll be back to 1300 through the door at one time woopwoop! GIVES US SOME BLOODY WORK TO DO! Anything's better than cleaning an entire bar for the fourth time in a night!

We moved in to our new house..... no more preppy, bitchy, stupid girls! WOOP! we now live literally five doors down from where we did live, with Holly, who's mint. We now live next door to a chip shop hehe.

*sends my love to you all*


me white

I guess everyone's back from uni etc now so i assume you'll all have quite a lot of internet connection? :) I personally haven't had the net for a month so I'm well happy to have it back even if it is only for a few more days. I am now a trainee nightclub manager... exciting or what?! would be even better if it was in a club that made ridiculous amounts of money so they could pay me ridiculous amounts of money also lol but it's ok i love the job itself so i'm happy.

I'm still blissfully happy with Libby, you guys have no idea. I know most of you probably thought it was just a fling but we're holding out, in the most amazing way possible. (I have to say thanks to Natalie for the xmas card to both of us, we both got a little emotional at what you'd written :))

I've made my own friends (as opposed to those i knew through Libby) and I'm really happy about that. I do love Holly (who I met through Lib) but I now have my own friends and I'm really pleased. Although Katy lives her life like a soap opera, i think she's mint... even if she does wind libby up by starting texts with "hey sexy, i'm in a hotel room alone"..... she's completely straight lol.

anyway, I hope you're all going to natalie's... I'm well looking forward to it! YAY!

have a good christnas!

loves and kisses

11th-Nov-2008 12:04 pm - I'm a true believer!
me and lib beehive

What do you lot think of this.....?

it's the most bizarre band in thw world, they look like they should be churning out heavy metal in the 80s... but instead it's techno! hahaha

I love it!
me white
Can you believe it?

It's our two year anniversary a week today! ARGH!

It's so scary.... but good scary though.

Catey and Josh are coming down for it and we had planned on going out to gay night, seen as our anniversary happens to fall on gay Night at Tru, but as the stock has been extremely down recently, all staff are barred from entering Tru Nightclub socially.... so.... I dunno what we're gonna do. :( We'll probably go to Little John then find somewhere else to go. *shrug*

Found out that my birthday is gonna be an all round fantastic day *grimace* Rent goes out on that day, and two of lib's essays are due in then too. *sigh* oh well.

I miss you all loads you know, I feel like it's been far too long. The people that I've spent the good part of seven years with, are no longer there every morning afternoon and possibly night depending on what the music dept had us doing.... it's kinda sad, but I suppose that's life. I'll be back up shortly, so I'm gonna have to make plans to see most of you.

I'm glad you're having a good, busy life at the moment Louise!

28th-Sep-2008 04:21 pm - hello peoples!
me white
First of all, I would like to say, good luck to all of you continuing your studies, and to those of you who are starting, just GOOD LUCK!

I just thought I'd post and tell you all what a mint night at work i had last night!

I was flyering in town, trying my damned hardest to get people in the club, and then we got a call from the manager saying that the club down the raod from ours had a huge queue and we had to get down there ASAP so we could flyer their queue. We got there, and yes, Club Salvation (Or Club Desparation, or Club ScallyNation depending on how much you hate it) had the biggest queue i had ever seen. The only reason they ever have a queue is because they force it deliberately. they stop letting people in for twenty minute so they have a queue, then people see there's a queue and start thinking 'oh that's a good place to go' and also queue. I stood at the end of the queue and started shouting the Club Salvation was wank and that they forced a queue, then noticed that they had a sign at the bottom of our road, which said 'WARNING, DISAPPOINTMENT AHEAD' about our club so I decided to get really bad and go into the queue to flyer. Bad practise, i know, but you have to play dirty don't you? So one of their bouncers came right up close to me and put his hands on my shoulers pushing me back and told me not to flyer at their queue so i went off it. A little bit later, the manager and I picked their sign up and ran to Tru.

woop woop!



Next step is to get rid of their banner.


2nd-Sep-2008 04:22 pm - heyarrrrrrr
me white
Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still alive.... and kicking.

we have a new manager at work and he's a dick but i think we need it, we're not very stable as a crew.

Me and Lib went to Leeds last Wednesday! That was mint! Spent a small fortune in Primark. Loved it!

OH! and seen as i moved away three episodes in to the last season of battlestar, a lad that Kaylea lives with is (at this moment in time) putting the entirety of the first half on DVD for us and we're going to watch it tonight. :D:D well excited about that!

Aaaaand keiron is going to die in Hollyoaks!!!! :(

anyway that was boring.

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